What can Database Development do for you?

Example 1
Company ABC has over 25 locations in Washington. Each store location has their own web site which ties into a database. This allows their web site to provide more than just information about their product.

1. It helps prevent clients from traveling to far by being able to locate the nearest store to them.

2. The database can also keep track of clients, businesses and preferences to track hot items (cash cows) or drop low end items (dogs) for production and distrubution.

3. Customers/clients can check which of these stores has their product in stock.

Example 2
Company CBA builds office buildings as well as rents space to businesses. The database created to help this company could do the following...

1. Keep track of all available locations, floor plan, footage.and cost.

2 Forecast potential losses as units remain empty or not sold.

3. Monitor prices on web sites as the materials such as lumber, concrete and other other building supplies are added up.

There are so many different ways to lower your cost and increase your revenue that we take the time to review your current structure and find multiple ways to improve upon each of your companies assets.

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