Our Web Site Design, Stickiness
and Optimization Package!
  • Highlights and Hot Spots - Prevents the difficulty of finding important information

  • Look and Feel - The "look" and "feel" of a website can create a "seductive" user interface creating what we call "stickiness" or lead catching

  • Graphics - Interactive graphics small enough to load quickly on every internet connection

  • PR - Make notable keywords which are relative to the psychology of the user

  • Ease of Use - In the world of websites it is important to adapt the site's task flow [organizational structure] to the individual user quest for knowledge as well as catch their eye

  • Removal of any complex/broken URL's - Links which go nowhere are redirected to content

  • Easy on the eyes - Graphics placement, location is everything.

  • Graphics - Viewable interest in the sites content via interactive graphics

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - This requires a few differences in the sites overall structure, though it does not affect the look. It is recommended that this is done by people who know what they are doing so that you don’t get black listed

  • Enhanced User Interactivity – High profile designer graphics and some flash effects that make users say wow and these are still able to be optimize for search engines!

  • Organizational structure- Easily navigated website can be created with a host of menu ideas in proper locations
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